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Why Recycle your Mobile Phones?

Mobile Phone RecyclingAs we all know the planets resources are being depleted at an alarming rate, leaving us scrambling to come up with options for renewable energy sources and ways to clean up and reduce pollution. Reducing the dumping of toxic materials into existing landfills is an important aspect of keeping our planet green and ensuring its everlasting future. By not allowing toxic metals and debris to be thrown into normal landfills we eliminate the potential for contaminated water sources, and airborne type effects.

Recycling old, used mobile phones is a great way to eliminate such problems. Mobile phones contain many different metals, mainly in their battery, that are very harmful to the environment. Properly recycling these used devices is a quick and easy way to do your part for the greater good of our planet.

Mobile phones are made with numerous parts and materials, most of which can be reused. The valuable precious metals in which these devices are produced can be used to make other products, and devices and you never know they may just end up in your next mobile phone. Recycling these plastics, and metals can save millions of dollars each year in manufacturing and mining costs. Which can in turn lower retail costs. Whenever renewable resources are being used and products are being recycled we are adding years onto our planet's life.

Recycle your Mobile PhoneThere are companies out there that will pay you to recycle your old phone, or even give you a discount off the purchase of a new phone if you turn in your old one. You can compare prices from these mobile phone recycling companies by using our comparison service. Phones can also be donated to Woman's shelters for victims of domestic violence to have a way to contact police and other emergency services.

Most office supply stores have a drop off box of some sort that ensures the proper recycling will take place. Many mobile phone retailers have programs and receptacles for your used devices, and like mentioned previously will give you a discount on a new phone purchase. Look around for a place in your area, if you can't find one then maybe you should try one of the online companies.

Contact your local recycling company and inquire about the specifics of mobile phone and battery recycling. Ask if they are aware of any programs in your area, you could also call your local women's shelter and ask them if they have a need for used mobile phones. Generally they are only good to the women's shelter if they power on and work to make 999 calls.