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Not only can PhoneRecycleBank guarantee good value for your old mobile phone, you can also be sure that if they can't repair or reuse any parts of your handset it will be recycled correctly in accordance to European regulations.

They monitor their pricing on a daily basis and believe they give their customers the most competitive prices for their old mobile phones. They take a responsible approach to recycling with 100% of all handsets being recycled in line with current EU regulations. Whats more 85% of all handsets are refurbished by their team of specialist engineers so they can be reused here UK as well as helping to provide affordable handsets to developing countries.

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"I have been having on-going problems with them for the past couple of months. I have even sent an e-mail to their management e-mail address and have yet to hear a reply. It appears that no-one is actually dealing with my account despite repeated requests on the phone. I have blogged about my experience here: http://angryman-uk.blogspot.com/2010/12/phone-recycle-bank.html and will update whenever I hear anything."

AnGrY-Man UK - 16/12/2010

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