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Money For Your Phone
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Money For Your Phone has a simple, easy to use website which allows you to receive up to 350 for recycling your mobile phone. When they receive your mobile phones they refurbish and recycle them. If they can give your old mobile a new lease of life, they send it to countries in Eastern Europe, Asia or Africa. These are the places where new mobiles are least affordable and where your mobile can make the biggest difference, as landlines are often few and far between.

It is reported that there are approximatley 70 million unused mobile phones lying around just waiting to be recycled in the UK alone. MFYP would be very happy indeed if even a small percentage of these mobile phones were recycled with them.

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"I received my payment on time and the customer service was excellent. Prices were superb and I am pleased with the service"

John Hallway - 17/5/2011

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