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FoneHub is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company who collect used mobile phones in order to re-use or recycle them. They also offer to pay extra cash if you have original hands free kit or bluetooth headset or a travel charger to send with your old phone.

They have more than 10 years experience in the phone industry, they are eager to help protect the environment, and deal with trusted recycling companies to guarantee the best second life possible for your old mobile phones.

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"I was in two minds about using FoneHub's services as it got 3 out of 5 stars, but decided to go for it. The service I received was superb. I asked a question before I sent off my mobile phone and received a prompt courteous reply. I didn't want the hassle of sending my SD memory card or the charger and FoneHub didn't require them, which was good news. A lot of other phone recycling firms wanted everything sent to them, sure they were paying a couple of pounds more but I just wanted to post the phone itself. FoneHub met my requirements and also quoted me for the best price. Job done! I received the cheque seven days after posting my phone. Great service and I received two emails, one informing me that my phone had been received and then when my cheque had been posted. To be kept informed was a weight off of my mind, and much appreciated. I will return! Well done FoneHub!"

Bret - 28/3/2012

"Dont waste your time ! Con men !! I've been waiting over 3 to 4 weeks now ! They've received my fone fully working ! Still waiting for payment ! Sent up-teen emails With no reply !! Stay well clear !!!!!!!!!!"

Stiffler - 26/1/2012

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