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News: Due to overwhelming negative reviews and feedback about Fone Craze, as of 08/04/2011 we have removed them from our price comparison service. We are leaving this page live for future reference - What's My Phone Worth Admin

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Your Fone Craze Reviews

"i sent a phone to fonecraze last march 2010 and still waiting on payment i cant understand why these cowboys are still operating"

graham lyons - 29/8/2011

"I feel completely sick, I snet my phone off in March & have had the asme emails...scratches on the screen blah, blah, payment will be made in the next few days & as of now NOTHING, my phone was in mint condition, even sent in the original box with extras!!! I am absolutely livid that these &^&*^%$ can get away with this, it is simply fraud & theft!!! "

Richard - 4/5/2011

"Complete scam! Do not use. Received an email weeks ago to say phone was being tested and that I 'would be contacted shortly' still heard nothing. What a joke. I feel like a mug!Reported to watchdog."

alexC - 2/5/2011

"Sent my phone off record delivery, email nxt day at 5.30 and said they got it and being tested, month later nothing, 9 emails sent, along with a letter from trading standards, shock out the blue email on 1st may again at 5.30 am sayin phone scratched and White spots, offered 25 less or pay 12 quid admin charge to get my phone back, 2nd letter sent to them from trading standards, let's see what happens. This site us fraudulent, scam artists, this time they picked on the wrong person. See u in court fonecraze ."

1000th unhappy customer - 1/5/2011

"I sent my phone back on 11.04.11 and heard nothing, I have rang and emailed but still nothing. I wished I had of read these reviews before but you don't expect it!! THIEVES!! Looks like we wont get our money! I know they had it as i send it record!!"

Ladyshar - 27/4/2011

"Well i was a bit unsure but i used mazuma before and obviously that is real but fonecraze offered me more! i still havent heard from them after two weeks ago saying it was being tested! I rang and rang, no answer! IM STILL WAITING!!!! I wish i just sent it to mazuma it was only 10 difference! :("

Lace - 20/4/2011

"This people are so unbelievably thief, i sent them my iPhone 3G 8GB, since the 28/03/2011, since then, no confirmation of any kind that they have receive it or not, i tried calling them several times no reply i even sent them an email still no reply. Very sad and disappointing"

Olanike - 18/4/2011

"I had sent the phones and they told me i would recieve 207 pounds, then after 2 weeks they e-mailed me saying that because there were straches on the phones it would be knocked down to 140 pounds, then i have been recieving e-mails saying that the payment is being processed and still no money and that's been nearly a week ago!..... DO NOT USE hopefully me and my boyfriend will get the money this week the worrying thing is they have my bank details to put the money in my bank so i am watching my bank closely. fingers crossed i get the money how could people do this "

Naomi Louise Osland Morrison - 12/4/2011

"sent 3 phones off early march same as other comments, recieved email offering less money, then new email saying our payment was being process, that was 3 weeks ago still no payment.total scam do not use."

kate - 11/4/2011

"Avoid Fone Craze - they are scammers. They have your phones, send you emails and then you never receive any money!!! I am reporting them to the police for fraud!!!!"

goldielocks - 7/4/2011

"Sent my phone off 3 weeks ago, same as other people on here, had an email confirming receipt and that it was being tested then nothing. Cant help but feel that i have fallen victim to a scam!"

Adam - 5/4/2011

"sent my phones on the 4th March received an email to say they had got them but they were scratched so offered me 20 less than what i was offered, i excepted or you pay a 12 fee. sent several emails and rang them but cannot get to speak to anybody and still no money."

Bev - 5/4/2011

"Fonecraze is a scam...They dont pay and dont respond to emails or telephone calls.They offered me 25 quid instead of 32.70 saying the phone was scratched but it was like new...I WOULD ADVISE YOU DONT SEND THEM YOUR PHONE"

Colin - 4/4/2011

"Service is awful,had an email to say they had received the phone on 22/02/11 and is at testing stage then to say it was scratched and offered me less but if you don't accept it they charge a 12 pound admin fee to get your phone back,rip off! I had sent phones in the same condition before to mobile phone exchange and received the money almost straight away no quibbles about condition.It is now the 1st April tomorrow and am still waiting for my money! Never again!!"

Ian - 31/3/2011

"Avoid!!! Sent my phone off 4wks ago got emails saying past testing stages and awaiting payment process. Havent heard anything since! Keep callin no one answers the phone n u cant leave a message! Sent of emails never get a reply! Wish i had seen these reviews before i sent of my 1month old X10. Severely pd off with scamming internet companys!!! I aint letting this go!!"

beth mackenzie - 30/3/2011

"I sent my grandmothers mobile phone into this company to help supplement her heating bills. Nothing has been done, they don't answer the phone they don't email! the people behind this company are scum!"

Alex - 30/3/2011

"Absolute con! Sent them two phones over a month ago which were were worth 190, recieved an email saying that they had passed the testing stage, but because they had light scratches, they were only worth 22! Have tried to contact them and have had no response whatsoever! Avoid!"

Rahim - 28/3/2011

"Sent my phone off 3 weeks ago, received an email last week saying they have recieved and it is in the testing progress, very annoyed as it was a brand new phone, so annoyed with myself for falling for this, have reported them to trading standards and watchdog, even if i never get my money im going to make sure they get taken of the interent cause it is not fair!"

mel - 25/3/2011

"sent phone off 4 weeks ago which they emailed to say they have recieved. 2 weeks to test it then they offered 30 instead of 40. emailed me to say payment was being sent,still nothing. do not deal with these people"

Jo - 25/3/2011

"DO NOT USE FONECRAZE, sent my phone in Feb and have recived nothing. total scam and shouldnt be allowd to advertise on the internet"

another one - 25/3/2011

"Sent phone off weeks ago. perfect condition but they eventually said it was scratched. have no choice but to accept lower price as they charge me 12 to send it back. That was 3 weeks ago and still no money. This is a fraudulent company so please avoid"

dave - 20/3/2011

"i sent my phone on 28/02/11. got a message on 2/3/11 stating they had my phone and was in testing area but then nothing. no-one every answers the phone, no-one ever replies to the e-mails you send. i have contacted trading standards . wish i has seen your reviews before sending it off. was using the money for a birthday present. "

Rachel - 11/3/2011

"Sent off my phone on the 18/02/11 and still haven't heard anything. received a message saying they have received it but nothing else. tried calling many times but cant get through. total crap!!"

Yusuf - 3/3/2011

"I sent my mobile phone to them had an email saying they have received it its now going off to testing that was nearly two weeks ago, i have emailed them, they dont reply back and i have tried on numerous occasions to ring their number, always saying please try again later, as you cant leave a meesage."

Trish - 2/3/2011

"sent an email saying they have recived my phone on 18/02/11 and it was off to the testing stage, have heard nothing since, i have tried to call and email but no answer to both, still awaiting payment if it ever comes, shocking service"

. - 1/3/2011

"sent phone off weeks ago heard nothing cant even contact them if dont here soon going to watchdog"

gary - 25/2/2011

"Sentmy mobile to them but they never reply, they are now saying they have lost it how strange first and last time i ever use them"

Alan - 16/2/2011

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