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Cash4phones is a completely independent UK based mobile phone recycling company. They work alongside operators, retailers and thei network of distribution partners to ensure some of the most competitive prices in the market, and that your mobile phone is used or recycled in the best possible way for mother nature.

Their team are dedicated to providing you with the best service they can. Through their state of the art processing facility and fully managed and automated customer service team they process all payments in the fastest possible time.

Have you or a friend ever used Cash4phones for your mobile phone recycling needs? If so, please help others in their search for mobile phone recylers by rating and/or reviewing the services provided by Cash4phones.

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"Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Quoted 7.31 because they said there was no battery with it. Absolute rubbish, battery was strapped to phone for carriage purposes and the phone and battery were wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed in so there is no way they could have missed it. Very very very unimpressed. Avoid this company!"

r ohare - 1/7/2011

"Cash4phones should be called Cash4Grief. I sent tham a BBerry 9700, quoted price 143, took them ages to send me a Freepost envelope. Returned it same day, then got a mail saying 10 days had passed and quote was no longer valid, now 125. I mailed them a number of times asking for my phone back, no reply. Finally got through to them on the phone, they told me they had 'already moved my phone on' and therefore could not return it. Got a mail saying 125 had been INSTANTLY paid to my account. Two weeks later, no sign of 'instant' payment. Finally got through to then again, apparently my bank was not one of the new 'fast track' payments. Did they a) call me to arrange another way of paying, b) send me a cheque, or c) just quietly keep my money. Answer was of course c). Finally got paid through another account this week, 5 weeks after this all began and over three weeks since my 'instant' payment. Morale of the story - the ones who quote the highest price are often comedians, crooks or incompetents....I'll leave you to decide what I think. Mazuma next time for me "

Ian Cat - 16/4/2011

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