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Siemens AG is one of the largest group of companies out of Europe. The international headquarters of Siemens is located in Berlin, Munich and Erlangen, Germany. The company has presence in a lot of different industries that can be categorized in three sectors: Industry, Energy, Healthcare.

Siemens has reported global revenue of 76.651 billion Euro as of 2009. Siemens have around 420,800 employees recruited on their payroll. The company has a worldwide presence in 190 companies.

Siemens launched the first GSM mobile phone with colour display in 1997. With huge competetion from companies like Nokia and Sony Eriksson, Siemens decided to part ways with their mobile company subsidiary. Siemens sold the Siemens Mobile manufacturing business in 2005 to Benq that resulted in the formation of BenQ-Siemens division.

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