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Blackberry is the first mobile device to be tagged as a smartphone. It is a wireless device that is developed by a Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM). They produced the first mobile set that has emailing capabilities, to-do features, calendars and other organizing features. Blackberry has a 20% market share worldwide in smartphone sales. It is still world's most popular mobile amongst business users.

The very first Blackberry device was a simple two-pager launched in 1999. The modern day Blackberry was released in 2002 with push e-mail, text messaging, faxing, web browsing and other similar features.

Blackberry models introduced QWERTY keyboard for the first time in mobile handsets. The devices are also known for trackball that replaced the 'trackpad'. There are a couple of models with full touch-screen devices with no physical keyboard.

Modern Blackberry handsets have an ARM 7 or 9 processor. The latest models, such as 8100, 8300 and 8700 series have Intel PXA901 312 Mhz chip inside, with 64 MB flash and 16 MB SDRAM.

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