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Sell your mobile phoneIn the UK there are millions of used or unwanted mobile phones sitting in drawers or on rubbish tips, with hundreds of thousands estimated to be discarded every year. However, these mobile phones can easily be used by others, who maybe are not interested in the latest models, or who just want a simple phone for their needs. Luckily, there are a number of companies who offer to buy back and recycle mobile phones from users. We were set up as a comparison service to enable you to compare prices of mobile phones offered by recycling websites.

Selling or trading in your old mobile phones is a great opportunity to cash in by recycling phones you have lying around your house. Not only will you get some extra money to spend however you want, but you'll also be helping the planet! Whilst older phones are usually broken up for spares or shipped off to other countries to carry on their duty as mobile phones, many people want to recycle the newer phones they may have recieved through a contract deal or as an unwanted gift. The mobile phone recyclers featured here can offer top prices for a variety of phones: simply search for your phone model using the search box at the top of the page, or select a manufacturer from the list to the left to get started.

Recycling your old mobile phone gives great environmental benefits. Phone recyclers must operate to the department of environment rules, which means phones will be recycled responsibly and not be dumped in a landfill. Many mobile phones contain the chemicals lithium, cadmium, lead and beryllium, which are harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. The government estimates recycling mobile phones prevent the spread of such chemicals, and that the national carbon footprint will be reduced as a consequence.

Mobile Phone Recycling Tips

  • Compare the lastest prices available for your phone using our website
  • Select the offer that most appeals to you by clicking the 'Sell your Phone' button
  • Complete the form on the recycler's website with your and your phone's details
  • Wait for your freepost bag to arrive in the mail
  • Charge the mobile phone completely
  • Delete all your personal data (texts, images, phone numbers etc) from the phone
  • Remove the sim card from the mobile phone
  • Send the mobile phone to the recycler in the freepost bag they provided
  • Wait a few days to receive your payment!

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